Welcome to liberarti!
the free arts festival

liberarti is holding a series of new events at Port Eliot LitFest on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th July 2005

During the weekend festival the liberarti system will be continuing its theme of cultural dynamic art exchange. All of which will be recorded and uploaded to this website after the event.

liberarti.cinema is a fully mobile cinema system allowing any digital media content to be presented.
nowax provides a platform for anyone with an mp3 player to be a dj for the night.
fame frame allows any performance not larger than eight cubic feet and no longer than three minutes to be performed. is a workshop and exhibition space for all video phone operators.
liberarti site map is a map of the festival site giving all artists the opportunity to create their own event anywhere on site and use the site map to help promote its existence.

Thanks to all that gave art for the first two liberarti lounges that took place last year.

The first was held from 11-13th October at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool as part of the Liverpool Biennial where it received national broadsheet coverage and international recognition and visitation.

The second was held on 16th December at The BBar, Plymouth. Again a great success prompting the bar's busiest night. A smaller scale than before but with many more live acts and free art give aways.

The aim of liberarti is to provide a social and cultural framework for the production and participation of free art. Here you will find lists of artists and their projects, all are united in the offer of their art for free wherever the liberarti lounge materialises or through the website.

This site also contains guidelines and a submission form so that you can enter your own projects. You can sign up for a listings newsletter to keep you abreast of the latest events.

Until the announcement of the next real world manifestation of, please keep submitting your work for viewing. The next liberarti lounge will include all of the accumulated art on the website, anything posted in and any proposed performances.

For details of how to set-up your own liberarti lounge please enter the site.


Karen Eliot



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